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1.) Download GSE Smart IPTV(Pro) from App Store/Google Play.
2.) On Left Side At The Top Click On The 3 Lines To Open.
3.) Select Remote Playlists .
4.) Tap the ‘+’ symbol.
5.) Select “Add M3U URL”.
6.) Name the playlist Bull TV
7.) For the playlist link type in your M3U playlist: 
8.) Go to Main Menu
9.) Tap EPG (XMLTV Format) and choose EPG Program Guide
10.) Tap the ‘+’ symbol
11.) Add Remote EPG Source
12.) In the EPG name field call it Bull TV
13.) EPG source link type in your EPG url 
14.)Click Add
15.)To watch Live TV you can use the Remote Playlist or use the EPG.

*(Find details in Knowledgebase after login )

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Find below information in your account settings email and type in:
Port URL:

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Step 1
After you install the app open it you will be greeted with this screen, sometimes it will prompt you to update to the latest version update if this occurs. Then select add playlist button

Step 2
Select Xtream Codes Login from list

Step 3
Enter the server address URL/Username/Password which you can find in your account setting email.

Step 4
The app will start to process the details and install the channels and tv guide. Click done when finish, if it says error go back and make sure and check if the details are correct

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Go to Smart TV  App Store, search and find IPTV Smarters, Install it. Find below information in your account settings email and type in:
(***IPTV Smarters only available in USA App store***)
Port URL:

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3, IPTV Smarters Pro 1.1.1 For Windows (EXE File)
Click to download

4, IPTV Smarters Pro 1.1.1 For Mac (DMG File)
 Click to download